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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

I keep my selection to a minimum and work with just three brushes for most of my watercolour paintings:

A.The 1in (25mm) flat brush is great for laying down large washes quickly and is perfect for painting skies. I also use this brush when I just want to wet the paper to create soft edges to large washes.

B. The most important is the no. 10 or 12 round brush. This will be your ‘work horse’ brush, which you will use for most of your painting. Its point, together with its capacity to hold a lot of wet paint, means that you can use it for fine detail as well as large washes. The price range is huge. You can buy a decent quality synthetic brush.


C. Finally, there’s the no. 6 brush, or a ‘rigger’, which is used for finer detail. The rigger has a lovely long bristle length and is great for details like fine branches and grass. It gets its name from the marine artists who used it for painting rigging on ships. There are a whole host of other brushes that the more experienced artist would use including filberts, mops, sword liners, fans and hakes, but most of my art work covered by these three are all you will need.

You can go and check, the links given in basic tools for watercolor....

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