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These days watercolor is available in so many different types and forms. If you are looking at getting into watercolor, or considering expanding your collection, here is the list of 12 wonderful types of watercolors.


1. Pan watercolor

2. Tube watercolor

3. Peerless watercolor

4. Watercolor sticks

5. Liquid watercolor

6. Gouache

7. Watercolor markers

8. Watercolor pencils

9. Inktense pencils

10. Watersoluble crayons

11. Watersoluble oil pastels

12. Metallic watercolor

I'm steadily working on pans and tubes. The make-up of the paint is exactly the same but the consistency of paint in the pans is more solid, while in a tube it remains moist. I am often asked which is the best and my response is that the pans are more convenient to take with you on holiday when you will probably be working with a sketch pad, whereas I prefer tubes for everyday use because you can squeeze out lots of color quickly, especially when you are working on large washes.

Again, quality is important so avoid cheap paint sets that include a large range of colors. Leading manufactures such as both ‘artist’ and ‘student’ quality ranges. The two principal ingredients in watercolor paint are the pigment and the all-important binder, which in watercolor paint is gum arabic. This is the key ingredient that helps the paint flow and creates its transparency. Some manufacturers also add honey to their paint. Cheap watercolour paints invariably contain inferior ingredients and you will always find the results disappointing. My advice, again, is to stick to the recognized brands. I will go into more detail on the colors you need in the Color Theory section.

You can go and check, the links given in basic tools for watercolor....

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